Evening Fanfare

Le Studio Ballet, Hong Kong 2015


Fun, festive, flirtatious, three ladies having a joyful evening in the theatre.

Destiny work-in-progress

Created in the summer of 2015, Destiny is a contemporary ballet in four movements, inspired by the waves of passionate energy of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40.

The New York Exchange

La MaMa Dance Moves! Festival 2010


Inspired by the everyday happenings in New York City, The New York Exchange explores the interactions between people of different cultural background. 

La MaMa Dance Moves! Festival, 2010.

Tainted Sheet excerpt

Primary Moves, Hong Kong Ballet 2007


Ellen Stewart Theatre, Janusphere Dance Company 2012

A solo work that captures a fleeting moment in a young woman’s life as she prepares to face a new city, a new world, a new start.

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